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Spring Sale - Save up to 40%

Loukanika Greek Salami

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An outstanding Greek salami flavored with garlic, cumin, a little orange zest. A time-tested family recipe from the salumist at Olympia Provisions. 4.5 oz
Made in the U.S.A.

How to Arrange a Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie is the French word for prepared meat products such as salami, sausage, pate, and rillettes, and it’s also the name for butcher shops that sell these meats. Charcuterie was originally prepared as a way of preserving meat before the invention of the refrigerator. Today we enjoy charcuterie for the delicious flavors that comes from the preservation process.

A charcuterie plate is quick, easy, flexible, and fun! It's great for entertaining and can sometimes make a nice light supper. Your charcuterie plate can showcase a variety of meats or focus on meats from just one country or region. To balance the richness, serve the meat with mild cheeses, a fresh baguette, mustard, olives or cornichons and other vegetables. If you wish, serve with a robust red wine. Enjoy!

Pork, pork fat, and salt. Contains 2%, or less, of dextrose, orange zest, garlic, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, spices, lactic acid starter culture, and water.

Customer Reviews

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Norma J. McKee

I wAS just curious

John Hulet
Greek salami

Again superb. On my list to reorder when it is time

Susan Shawn

Best ever salami

Zesty flavor

I buy this for a gift for someone who loves the flavor of this salami. The orange zest in it is a winner! So it is always a joy to receive

Patricia Hinton

Bought it for company coming next week.